Council Waste Collection

Council Waste Collection

Etsaw wastE Ltd. is experienced in the investigation of fly-tipping and the clearance of council properties.

With more and more instances of fly-tipping in the Tamworth and Lichfield areas and an increasing cost to taxpayers, it is vital that there are avenues available to help reduce this cost. In 2018/19 the bill for cleaning up the waste from fly-tipping in the UK was £12.9 million and with local household waste recycling sites being closed due to Coronavirus, the growing number of fly-tipping incidents has increased significantly. Etsaw wastE Ltd. are offering local councils a waste removal service for householders, we will collect their excess rubbish in order to help prevent fly-tipping. Etsaw wastE is here to helo. If you would to book our waste removal service or find out more, then call us on 0333 200 8718 or send an email to

Help with Fly-tipping investigations

Fly-tipping is becoming a problem throughout the country, and Etsaw wastE Ltd. wants to put a stop to it. We can offer you a service that provides you with help to deal with this problem. We can: 

  • Provide before and after photos
  • Gather information for investigations
  • Complete ongoing investigations for you
  • Clear the waste
  • Provide plant machinery to remove heavy waste

We can help to keep your local area clean by providing total clearance at any time of the day or night Etsaw WastE Ltd offer a quick and efficient collection service that your cities need to deal with fly-tipping or any other waste issues.

Why Recycle?

With the cost of disposal increases year on year and landfill space running out, businesses are looking to save money and achieve zero waste to landfill. It is now essential that we fully utilise all of the alternatives to landfill.

Re-use: We currently work alongside local companies where all recycling is treated to ensure maximum recovery

Recycle/Compost: Our commercial waste services offer a mixed material recycling service for glass, cans and plastic bottles and also offers collections for paper and cardboard to meet all business needs. 

Disposal: There are a limited number of materials that cannot be treated or recycled, we will manage the disposal of these waste materials as sustainably as possible, which may result in landfill as a last resort.

Contact us

If you are interested in our commercial waste collection service based in Tamworth, for more information or to register your interest, you can either fill out one of our contact forms, call us on 0333 200 8718 or email us at Still not convinced? If you would like to take a look a look at some of the feedback that we have received from our previous customers, then you can check out our reviews page and take a look at what some of our past customers have had to say about our service!

We sincerely hope that you choose Etsaw wastE Ltd. for any commercial waste collection that you require, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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